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Dr. Kirsty Sinclair Dootson on Researching Technicolor

  Dr. Kirsty Sinclair Dootson talks to Michael Cowan about her research on the global history of Technicolor.
Dina Iordanova

The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Sketch for Serious Postgraduates

As my PhD project involves a study of Hong Kong New Wave cinema, I longed for a trip to Hong Kong where I oculd have access to many established scholars and rich material. During November and December 2018, I was invited, thanks to Professor…
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Interdisciplinary Retreat Film and Beyond: Engaging Film in Research, Academia and the Professional Job Market

by Maria Fernanda Miño PGR Representative – Department of Film Studies Film & Beyond Interdisciplinary Retreat Facilitator Any research related to the study of film is by nature an interdisciplinary task.  Even the most…
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Dina IORDANOVA @ Astra Film Festival, Sibiu, 2018   Widely shared perceptions of the region formerly referred to as ‘Eastern Europe’ (and nowadays consisting of variously positioned entities, variably known as the Visegrad Group,…
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Walking into Film History: Exploring the Cineteca di Bologna

by Andrea Gelardi @ Cineteca di Bologna   In 2018, the Fife based Russell Trust awarded a research grant to my doctoral project entitled “Locally Rooted, Internationally Involved: the Case of Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna”,…
A headshot of Massimiliano Nardulli, wearing glasses and smoking a pipe.

Programming for Short Film Festivals: An Interview with Massimiliano Nardulli

Professor Dina Iordanova speaks with the prominent short film festival programmer about working across nations and languages, living in Eastern Europe, and the drive to support young and up-and-coming filmmakers.